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Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies

I need HELP beyond the information given in the user guide. What do I do?
Call your local food bank.

A. Username/Password/Email Questions

How do I get a username, password, and program code?
Call your local food bank.

What do I do if I forgot my username, password, and program code?
Click on Forgot Password on the Login screen or call your local food bank.

What steps need to be taken if a Harvest Center user leaves our agency?
Call your local food bank and give them the user name that is no longer applicable. They will lock the user out of the Online Shopping System.

How do I update my email address for Harvest Center?
Call your local food bank and give them the correct email address for your username and program code.

I'm not receiving emails when my order is ready to be picked up at the food bank. What do I do?
a) Check to see if your email storage space is full. You may need to delete some of your old mail to free up space.
b) Has your email account been inactive for a length of time? You may need to reactivate it.
c) Verify that your organization's email server is working.
d) Verify that your Internet connection is working.

B. Food Bank Questions

What day am I supposed to pickup my order from the food bank now that I order online?
Unless you designate otherwise when you place your online order, your pickup date with the food bank will remain the same.

Once I have submitted my order, how will I know when the food bank has confirmed it?
You will receive an Order Confirmation via email from your local food bank.

How do I know if my order has changed from the quantities I originally ordered?
Review the confirmation email that you receive once your order has been approved by the Food Bank. Also, when your order is in the "Open" state, you can confirm the quantities of your order by looking under the Quantity column under Order Management. (Refer to the "How to Review the Status of Your Order" section.)

C. Downloads

How do I download Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or 6 if I don't have it?
Click here: www.microsoft.com/ie/ (this will open a new window). Then click on the application you want to download for free. Follow the instructions.

How do I download Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 if I don't have it?
Click here: www.adobe.com (this will open a new window). Click on "Download Acrobat Reader". Then click on "Get Acrobat Reader free". Follow the instructions.

D. Internet Functionality

Can I click the 'Back' button on my Internet browser if I want to return to the previous screen?
When using Aidmatrix try not to click the 'Back' button on your Internet browser. Use the Navigation Toolbar to move around the application.

I'm receiving a JavaScript Error on the page. What do I do?
a) Aidmatrix runs best on Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 4.7, or a more current version of either.
b) Close your Internet browser window and open a new one.

Is there a way to make my screen larger so I can view more of the Aidmatrix application?
Most keyboards are set up so that when you are using the Internet and you hit the F11 key your picture enlarges. When you want the screen to return to its normal size hit F11 again.

Frequently Asked Questions for Food Banks

I'm not receiving emails when an order comes through from an agency. What does this mean and what do I do?
If an Order was placed by an agency, confirm that the same order is in CERES. If you see the order in CERES but you did not get an email notification, verify that the email server at your Food Bank was working when the Agency placed the order online. You will need to fix your email server. If the email server was working correctly and did not receive the email notification, contact your Aidmatrix Site Administrator.

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Agencies experiencing issues will first attempt to resolve using Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), training materials and informal contacts.

If an agency is unable to resolve the issue they will contact their food bank's "Super User" for assistance. The Super User will be a food bank staffer extensively trained in both Aidmatrix and Ceres applications.

In the event that the Super User cannot resolve the issue, they will determine if the issue requires immediate technical assistance. If the issue does not require immediate technical assistance, they will discuss their requests at the Ceres Users Group monthly meeting and, if appropriate, a change request will be opened.

If the issue requires immediate technical assistance the Super user will contact their Navision Solution Center (NSC) for assistance.*

The NSC will determine if the issue is Aidmatrix or Ceres related. If it is an Aidmatrix issue the NSC will contact the Aidmatrix Support Center. The Aidmatrix Support Center will coordinate the resolution of the issue and communicate the resolution to the NSC. The NSC will communicate the resolution to the Super User.

If it is determined to be a Ceres issue the same process will occur, substituting Ceres Support Center in the place of Aidmatrix. If either the Ceres or Aidmatrix technical teams determine that the issue cannot be fixed immediately, the issue will be prioritized and communicated through the change process.

*If it is the first time that the NSC is supporting a food bank for this application, a slightly different process will be followed to assure that the NSC is knowledgeable and that costs are kept to a minimum.


Harvest Center™ is a strategic initiative of Feeding America and its network of food banks and food rescue organizations to partner with leading information technology companies. The purpose of Harvest Center™ is to dramatically improve our ability to acquire, manage and distribute food to hungry Americans.